A year after getting associated with Dadashri’s science, I came to know that I was suffering from cancer but I never felt that I was suffering from such a severe ailment.

Whenever there has been a  need  of surgery to be done on my body, indeed there has been a lot of pain, but by reminiscing about Dadashri, Niruma and Pujyashri, my pain always subsided. There was a constant feeling of complete detachment from the body. There was a spiritual awareness that I am pure soul (shudhatma) and Durgesh is suffering from illness. Dadashri is always with me and will cure me of my illness, there’s no need to worry.

I have two groups of friends; one of relatives while the other is of fellow disciples (satsangi). During these troubled times I got a lot of support and help from the group of disciples. Now I feel as if I belong to this group and they are my true family. I have gained a lot from this group.