Jai Sat Chit Anand Friends,

I am pleased to share with all the readers the amazing changes that have come about with me and my attitude on imbibing Dada’s science. You see, I was very weak at academics and would barely manage to pass, due to which I was under constant stress. All this created a kind of fear within me that I shall have to face humiliation all the time. This feeling made me compete with others so as to try to be greater than them and prove my superiority. But with the understanding of Dada’s philosophy, I realized that academics were a mere ‘file’ which I had to resolve with equanimity, this helped me overcome the idea of competing with others.


Later I miserably failed in the prelims, which were a month before my 12th grade board exams. I was shattered with the results and with only one month left to prepare for the finals, I had gone into depression. On top of this, the financial condition of my family also isn’t that well, to make my mental situation even more worse. Thoughts of fleeing away from home kept coming to my mind. Then my sister gave me few CDs to watch from the Dada Bhagwan’s Sanskar Sinchan Shibir set. I religiously viewed all for next one month and I learnt how to remain positive. I once again regained my confidence and made a new resolve to prepare for my final exams. Unbelievably I scored 71% in the board exams. Now I am studying to become a Computer Engineer. The sole intention of sharing these developments of my life is to inspire readers to use the master keys of Dada’s Gnan. Jai Sachidanand!

                                                                 - YMHT Prashant Makwana, Bhavnagar