Jai Sat Chit Anand Friends,

On the date of submission of our project I had reached late to my college, so straight away my sir asked me to go back to home because my project was incomplete.  At that very moment, Whatever happened is justice stroke my mind which allowed me to accept what had happened to me. We had eight days of holiday, during  which I could have finished preparing the project but unfortunately, I came to know from my friend that everyone was given different topics for the project.


I went to find out what the topic of my project was from my sir on the very first day after returning from holidays but to my surprise he said, “Your project will not be considered now.” And he also insulted me in front of whole class but I did not have a single negative thought for my teacher and I started  asking for forgiveness, I did ‘pratikraman’. 

The teacher was still adamant and did not give me the topic of the project and thus I went to our principal and explained the whole issue. The principal immediately gave me the topic and asked me to submit the project within 3 days. Working very hard on it I made a nice project and submitted it the very next day. My teacher was extremely pleased with my project. He was happy not only with the project but with my attitude whereby even on being insulted I maintained my composure due to Dada’s gnan. Being impressed he blessed me saying you shall succeed in whatever field you choose by this attitude of asking for forgiveness and not reacting on being insulted and you will achieve great heights in your career.

                                                                                    – Darshank Kanada, YMHT, Bhavnagar