I have shifted to Simandhar city since last two years and ever since then I have joined YMHT group.

Earlier I use to feel jealous of my school friends and always maintained competitive attitude towards them. I was facing lots of difficulties owing to that nature. But after joining YMHT, there has been a change in my attitude. I am no more jealous of them and the competitive feeling just vanished.

I have become more and more positive. I have been able to negate bad opinions formed for people and my relations thus became cordial. There has been a decent progress in my development overall.

Therefore, I have decided to attend Satsang and shibir regularly in YMHT group. This helps one to develop qualities like positivity, reverence for others, appreciation and capacity to adjust to situations in better way.

I am indeed grateful to YMHT.

                                                                                                                   Adalaj YMHTian