Before joining YMHT I used to attend satsang and shibir camps because my parents told me to. But during that time I did not have one on one contact with any of the fellow mahatmas. So I could understand the discussions and regular talks between them but solutions to the questions bothering me remained un-resolved. Nobody was available to offer suggestions on personal matters.

Y Mht Sessions Helped Me Inner

At that time I came to know about the YMHT group during one of those camps. I joined YMHT immidiately after the camp. Thereafter, I used to question coordinator mahatmas and started finding new solutions to solve my problems. There were frequent quarrels with friends at school and parents at home and as a result I was not being respectful towards them. However, I found solutions to tackle such situations in YMHT sessions and started to remain at ease with everybody. Today I have more friends in YMHT than those outside.

The biggest change that happened in me was that I found ways and means to remain in full awareness during situation where I was insulted. Whenever such a situation arises, all the learning and necessary “keys” just pop up and I am able to clear the issue comfortably and for that I feel very happy.

                                                                                                                                                  Rajkot YMHTian.