I had a fantabulous time with all my frenz at Dada's youth camp. Before attending the camp I was a very shy boy and was always lost in the world and always proved to be a shy boy. But when I started attending Pujyashree Deepakbhai's Satsang a ray of light destroyed all the 'negatives' and entered as a Spiritual light.

My life changes-detail

I was a reserved sort of a boy who did not like to mix with anyone but to my utter surprise the frenz were so friendly and loving that they all readily accepted me as their friend. It was my 1st camp to Matheran. Then I started attending Satsang and YMHT sessions but due to time problem I have attended only 2-3 sessions. So I have put forth the issue of time.

I asked my 4 friends to accompany me to TITHAL so they all were very excited as they were eager to get close to Dada.

I told all the stories that Maharaj Saheb told us and also the unforgettable session of Paap and Punya. My father and mother were so happy that they told that "aaje peheli waar maro chokro kai sikhine aavyo che" becoz I used to attend all the camps but I never had learnt such things that I learned here.

Thanx Dada and Deepakbhai for entering in my life and put my train on the tracks of Moksh Marg. JSCA

-Parth Doshi, Mumbai