This incident is about a lady mahatma who had joined a group of mahatmas to pick up Niruma from the Boston airport. With change of events, Niruma’s original flight from Chicago got cancelled and she was asked to take another flight. Due to the delay caused by the cancellation of the flight, the passengers were offered free food vouchers, through which they could purchase whatever they desired.


Finally, when their flight landed, Dimplebhai and Sanjaybhai came out of the airport with their hands fully loaded with luggage. On the other hand, Niruma was carrying a huge glass overflowing with fresh orange juice in one hand and her purse in the other. At that time one mahatma was all alone as the other mahatmas had gone to collect the luggage. On meeting her, she immediately offered that mahatma that glass saying “Here, take this and drink it. We had gotten free vouchers.”  

That mahatma immediately thought ‘Oh God! How could Niruma manage to carry this huge glass full of juice all the way, just for the sake of mahatmas, and that too while she had to use an escalator.’ That mahatma immediately gulped down the juice; feeling extremely contended that Niruma had carried it all the way. Salutations to Niruma’s ‘vatsalya’, she never even once acted like a guru to her mahatmas!