This is from the days when Pujya Niruma was full time in service of Pujya Dadashri, with the pure intent to spread Dadashri’s Akram Vignan to seekers at large. She used to record all the Satsangs (spiritual discourses) in a tape recorder. Then, she would listen to the tapes and write each word of it on pages. Thereafter, it was edited and then finally compiled in a book form. This would be her daily routine, along with Dadashri’s personal Seva, Satsang management and cooking etc. Pujya Niruma would do it very enthusiastically as part of ‘Jagat Kalyan’ Mission (Welfare of the Universe - World Salvation).

         One day while she was writing Dada's vani (recorded speech) as per daily routine, Dada said, “Niruben, you are compiling books from these speeches and working to make ‘Aptvani’ (compiled book version of Dada's original vani), magazines etc., but what are you gaining of it ? What did you do for your Soul ?

         Niruma was stunned to hear this. She asked, “Why Dada! All this is for the ‘Soul’ only! Does it not get credited to ‘pure soul’ account ?”

        Dadashri replied, “No. What ‘Soul’ has got to do with this (mechanical work) ? Is Pure Soul capable of doing anything ?”

         Niruma was surprised. She asked, “Then, is this not for the sake of the ‘Soul’?

         Dadashri said, “No. This work is performed by the intellect. Would 'Soul' write all these?”

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         Niruma then said, “Dada, if that is so, then I will stop writing. I don't want any credits in the intellect account. I want to remain in the state of ‘Pure Soul’ and would like credits in the ‘Pure Soul’ account only.

         Dadashri said, “Now what is this you have come up with? If you won't do it then who else will do this (Dada’s) work?”

         Pujya Niruma said, “Dadaji, you are speaking on both sides. I don't want anything that favors the intellect. I don't want to do this work; I will only work for the Pure Soul.”

         On this Dadashri gave a very satisfactory clarification saying, “Niruben, try to understand. You are doing this work because of the intellect you possess (from past life karmas). By doing this, people benefit from reading ‘Dadavani’, sitting at their home. It helps them and thus it serves the purpose of Jagat Kalyan, then why should you have any objections? You keep this separate. What does it matter if intellect does the work? 'You' (realization of pure soul within) get it done from the intellect.”

         At this point, Niruma realized how she misunderstood Dadashri’s words. Even the work of Jagat Kalyan has not to be done with the belief of doer-ship. There again separation of the ‘self’ is necessary. The belief that “I am giving Seva for making the Aptvani” is a single crime, whereas deciding “not to do Seva of Aptvanis henceforth” is worth double the crime.

         Thus, Pujya Dadashri subtlety explained Pujya Niruma how to achieve the correct understanding of Gnan while performing the work of Jagat Kalyan.