A near relative of Dada used to visit him regularly. As such he was a noble man. He was living in a joint family where business and money matters were handled by other members of the family. He was ignored for participation in any matters in day to day routine life. He was not provided with sufficient money for his expenses. He was even denied for his share that rightfully belonged to him. In short he was hated by all. He was very much dejected as he went to meet Dada.

SEPT15 Sweet Memories
                While he was waiting in the drawing room, as Dadashri had gone to freshen up, he saw Dadashri's coat hanging on the wall. Dada always used to keep some money in his coat. So this fellow, seizing the opportunity stole a hundred rupee note from Dada's coat. But it so happened that while he was stealing the money, Dada incidentally stepped into the room. He saw him stealing but instantly turned away his face as if he hadn't noticed this.                  

                 Dada entertained that man with normal talks and offered him tea and refreshments. The man went back happily. Next day again he turned up as cusual. Dadashri was totally calm and helpful. It never occurred to him – “Let me put my money in a safe place or remove my wallet from the coat” etc. There was no negativity in his mind for this man. How was it so?

                  Dadashri used to say - “I never form an opinion that this man is a thief.” The law of 'Vyavasthit' always remains at the back of my mind. There are two types of thieves. One is regular and habitual type who acts without any rationale. Whereas the one who is compelled by the circumstances around him that he is not capable of handling is a kind of 'forced' thief. “This man belonged to this latter type. Nevertheless, I refrain from forming any kind of opinion to avoid attachment towards that person, be it positive or negative. This way I remain free from any influence that may arise due to attachment. If an opinion is formed then one feels the bondage and it weighs heavily to cause tension. By remaining unbiased you feel lighter.”