This is about an episode on pilgrimage with Niruma. All the mahatmas on the trip were accommodated in two hotels. Having completed allotment in one hotel, the organizers went ahead to the second hotel. There they came upon an aged mahatma who was very furiously still sitting in the lobby. The organizers asked the aged mahatma the reason for his fury and found out that his room did not have an attached bathroom.

Incidentally, this was the only room in the hotel without an attached bathroom which the organizers were not aware of. Due to his old age, the mahatma had to visit the bathroom often. He was furious and blamed the organizers for not making proper arrangements.

The organizers requested the mahatma to consider making an adjustment for that one night, but he retorted saying, “I will not spend a single night in that room. You have arranged for rooms in a better hotel for the others, but you have allotted a room for me in such a hotel! Now, I will not go to my room at all, I will spend the whole night sitting here in the lobby. This will make you people realize that you have not made proper hotel arrangements.”


The reason for organizers tried to pacify the mahatma but he was adamant. Now the organizers were in a dilemma because all the rooms had been occupied and it was a difficult task deciding who could be shifted to the aged mahatma’s room. So the organizers related the incident to Niruma.

Niruma promptly said, “I will shift to that room so you can shift the mahatma to my room. If I need to visit the bathroom at night I will go to the aptapurtri’s room next doors. I don’t mind it at all. We don’t want to do anything whereby the mahatma feels hurt. Where would such an aged person go? Don’t let him know that Niruma has taken the adjustment. If you do so, he will not shift to this room, so don’t tell him anything. Simply shift my luggage to that room and reset this room as before.” Not having any other options, the changes were made speedily as per Niruma’s instructions.

The organizers returned to the mahatma saying, “Uncle, your room has been arranged for. Please move into it.”

In this way, Niruma took an adjustment by shifting overnight into the mahatma’s room, while the aged mahatma stayed in Niruma’s room. Niruma did not even let the mahatma know that she had taken the adjustment.