This episode took place in America, where Pujya Niruma and Pujyashri Deepakbhai were hosted by a couple. Once, the four of them were about to leave for a satsang. When they reached the car parked in the host’s garage, the husband asked his wife, ‘Where are the keys?”


The lady had actually forgotten to bring it along with her. But trying to defend her flaw from being exposed in front of Niruma, started beating around the bush with lame excuses like, ‘I had given it to you… I have no idea about it… normally you are the one who carries it’ etc… Listening to her defending herself, both Niruma and Deepakbhai said in unison, “Tell the truth, that I forgot.”

On hearing these words the lady immediately realized that she was not stating the fact and was actually defending her mistake. She immediately accepted the truth and said, “Yes, I forgot to bring it.” She soon understood that just to avoid admitting that, ‘I forgot’ she repeatedly went on making excuses. She felt humiliated by her behavior. But on seeing that Niruma’s ‘Prem’ for her was just as it was prior to this instance, she soon returned back to her normal frame of mind.

Do you see friends, how tactfully ‘Gnani’s’ tackle the situation and help overcome the follies without seeing that individual to be at fault? They always maintain their ‘prem’ at the same level.