Once Pujya Dadashri’s satsang was organized at Wadala, Mumbai. Gnanvidhi was to be performed on the last day of the event. It so happened that Niruma was down with fever on the same day of Gnanvidhi. The temperature shor to 104 degrees soon after lunch. She was shivering due to the effect of malaria.

When Dadashri came to know of this he went to Niruma. On placing his hand on her forehead He found it was indeed a high fever. He asked Niruma, “Niruben, you have high fever. Your energy seems to have drained off. What will happen? Gnan vidhi is scheduled in 2 hours from now. Shall we cancel the Gnan vidhi?”

Nirumas Dedication Inner

Niruma answered, “No, No, Dada. Can Gnan vidhi ever be cancelled? By the time it will begin, I shall be all right.”

Dadashri’s concern for Niruma was visible on his face. It had never happened like that in the past. He lovingly placed his hand on Niruma’s head and performed ‘vidhi’ for speedy recovery. He then said, “Everything will be fine”.

 Niruma told Dadashri, “Dada, please take some rest. I will be all right soon.”

“Fine”, replied Dadashri and he went to take some rest.

Niruma’s fever completely vanished by 4 p.m. and she was feeling all right. Gnan vidhi was performed without any obstacles. There did not arise any need to take medicines for malaria.

How effective are Gnani’s blessings and their proximity?!!

And How wonderful is Nirumaa’s commitment towards Gnan Vidhi (as special enlightenment ceremony for Self Realization) that she could not cancel it ever at the insistence of the Gnani, even on the cost of her own health!!