Once an American lady came to visit Dada for the first time. She observed Niruma doing Dada's 'Seva' and casually enquired, “Dada, who is she?” Dada replied, “She is my disciple.” She asked again, “How is she relating with you?” Dada replied, “Generally, how do people relate with me?” It's two bodies and one soul. Whereas, with Niruma it is relationship of one body and two souls. Such is the oneness with me.

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Mahatmas often wondered that we have worshipped Dada as Gnani but we have never felt that oneness with Dada as Niruma. Dada used to explain that it is due to ‘Roonanubamdh” of past life -meaning link with past birth resulting into this unique relationship with Niruma.

Dada used to constantly tell Niruma, “Since so many lives we have been together and we will achieve ‘Moksh’ (salvation) together. So we don’t need any introduction in any particular life. It will happen in a Natural way and will be instantly recognized. introduction; on its own we get recognized.