Pujya Niruma’s case is a beautiful example of solving the “education file” with equanimity. Pujya Niruma was studying in final year of M.B.B.S when she took Gnan from DADASHRI. She wanted to study farther and complete M.D. But after meeting Dadashri she lost the interest in studies. She used to contemplate “what the use of studies now as she would be staying all the time with Pujya Dadashri!”

Then she searched deep inside and found that the instinct was not totally in favor of leaving the studies. The circumstances outside were also helping towards continuation of studies. Even her brothers and bhabhis wanted Pujya Niruma to study farther.


Pujya Niruma evaluated all these events and realized her educational career was merely a ‘file’ and that she must deal with equanimity in order to get free from it. Then onwards she completely took it as a ‘File’ only. ‘File’ means to remain neutral from within, neither in favor nor against and deal with it in absolute normality and see where the circumstance guides it.

Accordingly, Pujya Niruma completed M.B.B.S. and further went on to complete D.G.O. and M.D.

After taking Gnan there is a normal perception amongst youngsters to leave the studies owing to lack of interest. Pujya Niruma used to point out the same ‘key’ to everyone, citing education as a ‘File’ which needs to be completed. She never advised anyone to leave the studies.

Isn’t this a cut out remedy for all of us, irrespective of where we stand?