One evening Gnani Purush Dadashri and Pujya Niruben were sitting alone after a satsang. Dada looked at Niruben and with a smile asked, 'Niruben, will you accept and agree to follow a simple instruction of mine?' 'Of course Dada' replied Niruben.

Make Niruben Your Disciple Inner

'Find and make just one disciple of yours', said Dadashri. Niruben experienced puzzle and bewilderment. All her years at the feet of the Gnani, she had learnt only one message. His aphorism was that she had to be a shishy (disciple) of all living beings…in order to progress in the path of enlightenment. She also had never so far negated any word of the Gnani said, 'Let me remain as shishya, at your feet Dada. I have no desire to make or have any disciple. This is what you have taught me.' Dada smiled further almost enjoying Niruben's bewilderment. “Try and understand my request. I am asking you to make only one, just one disciple. No more!” He said, “Make Niruben your disciple.” Dada told her. What an extraordinary statement from The Gnani! Just as the sun establishes its presence when clouds move away, the greatness of this sutra and its phenomenal meaning began to take hold within Niruben. Pujya Dadashri explained further, “Just as a master takes care of his disciple, attending to his welfare, making sure that he does not slip, constantly in contact and conversation with him for his benefit, guiding him to higher and higher levels, always being there as a friend and a guide; You will attend to your disciple name Niruben . Do you understand?” “Oh ho ho Dada! You have done a wonderful thing!” responded Niruben. At that time, Niruben realized that The Gnani had just given to her and the world one of the greatest keys to progress in the spiritual path. She experienced the true meaning of the term, “Sahajatma Swaroop param guru...- the natural State of the Self is the ultimate guru.” Niruben: “I experienced a direct clarification of the term 'Sahajatma Swaroop param guru', 'I' the real Self am the Guru and Niruben is the disciple. That is when I realized how incomprehensible the vision of a Gnani is with reference to guru disciple relationship. Where is the worldly talk of making someone else your guru and where this the talk of establishing your own Soul as your guru? Truly, that is the real and the highest Guru. Other gurus will give you instructions for a few hours and go away. They go to their homes and you to yours. Are we then likely to listen to that Guru? Are we going to do as they tell us? This is your own Soul that has manifested within you as your highest Guru who is there twenty-four hours for you. He is so alert that he will not allow you to deviate even a little from the path of liberation. Liberation is possibleonly through establishing such a Guru; otherwise one has to keep on struggling. This is the ultimate line of demarcation between a guru and disciple.”