Once while Dadashri was unwell he was prescribed a strict diet and asked to refrain from many items. At the same time He was advised to have a diet that consisted mainly of split green grams (magni daal), its curry (daal), its pan cake (magni daal na puda) and 'Dhokla'. So Dada told Niruma, “Make 'mag ni daal na puda' just like


Jhaverba (Dadashri's mother) used to prepare them.”
Niruma got perplexed on hearing this. Leave aside tasting 'Pudas' made by Jhaverba, she had not even seen her. Then how was she to know the taste of 'Pudas' prepared by her? So she gently asked Dada, “Dada, how did Jhaverba prepare the 'Pudas'?” Dada then gave her the complete recipe with all the ingredients that were to be used. Then Niruma started preparing 'Pudas' as per the recipe provided by Dada. She then served them to Dada, who graded the taste vis-a-vis to that of  Jhaverba's 'Pudas' and judged that she had achieved 40 % of the taste, then 50 %, then 60 %,and then suddenly it fell to 30 %.
But Niruma never conceded and kept on trying without losing heart. Finally, one day Dada said, “Now the taste is cent percent like that of Jhaverba's 'Pudas'.” No sooner did Dada say so, Niruma immediately made note of the exact quantities of each ingredient and that day onwards she always made them accordingly. Niruma was bestowed with a unique virtue. She could prepare any item exactly to the same taste after having tasted it just once, but here it took her some time to get the exact taste as she had never tasted 'Pudas' made by Jhaverba. As Dada had a preference for that particular taste she kept on trying till she could make them to the exact taste.
Dadashri was an epitome of awareness (Jagruti). He could easily know if a couple of extra mustard seeds were added to the seasoning while preparing some dish and that instead of Niruma someone else had done it.
Such were the ways and teachings of Gnanis...