A Person is Most Valuable

I used to watch Niruma's satsang on TV, almost on a regular basis. One day, Niruma was narrating a beautiful incident that happened during Dadashri's time. It went like this:

There was a construction project in progresswhile Dadashri was still working. It happened that an employee made a mistake, and that mistake resulted in a loss to the company of 2 lakh rupees. In those days, this was considered a very high sum of money. This employee panicked and started to refrain from attending satsang. After noticing his absence for few days, Dadashri sent the employee a message through someone, asking to meet Him. The employee was fearful as he went to meet Dadashri, assuming that he would be punished. But as he entered the room, Dadashri very lovingly welcomed him, “Please come and sit.” Dadashri did not mention a single word about the loss while he was there. The employee felt very light and relaxed with Dadashri's kindness. As he was leaving, the employee, of his own accord, mentioned the mistake he had made to Dadashri. To which Dadashri replied, “No problem. When one works then mistakes will happen. If one doesn't work at all, only then, can there be no mistakes.”

Niruma derived a beautiful understanding from this incident that, “Things are not valuable but the heart of a person is most valuable'. This sentence touched my soul, and I decided thereafter that I will never hurt anyone for petty issues. My life has changed after receiving this understanding from Niruma and conflicts have altogether disappeared.

- Gaurav Suri