Change Belief
Memories with Gnani
Experience of Gnan
Great Souls

Nobility of Niruma

This dates us back when Dada was not well & Niruma was nursing him

Gnani With Youth - Upraanu

What is “Upraanu”? How do we make this mistake in our daily routine?

What is seva ?

True service (Seva) is that which is sincere and done from the heart

Gnani - An idol of astonishment

“You have not met me in this lifetime, but in your previous birth”

Relationship with Gnani

“With Niruma it is relationship of one body and two souls” - Dadashri


Malhar saidto me, “Samvatsari is far away. Will you forgive me today?”

Abraham Lincoln-1

Small deeds of honesty can sometimes be helpful in long course of time

Netaji Subhashchandra Bose

The essence of humanlife is to use ones mind, body & speech for others

Shrimad Rajchandra

The supreme duty human being is to help each other in times of trouble

Shri Sai Baba

If anybody comes to you, then he must receive happiness from you

Nature of Boredom

Which are the correct solutions to tackle boredom in our life?

Tension and emotion during Exams

I was fully prepared for exams, but forgot everything & couldn’t solve

Bad Habits

What to do if one is aware of his bad habits but can’t overcome it?

Relationship between Parents & children

I got wanted things from my father by being stubborn & now I feel sad

Drinking Alcohol: Effects, Harm and ways to get rid from it

Do you gather junk inside the body, something like alcoholic drinks?

Quarrel for food

I quarrel for food with mom everyday and don’t like taste, what to do?

Parents' Expectations

I have a feeling that I don’t have any value at my home. What to do?

Jealousy - Competition

My fellow students feel jealous of my progress. What should I do?

Service to parents

How parents and children should stay together in social harmony?

Importance of Aarti

What should we do to concentrate in Aarti (Lighting for God or Diety)?

Education and Accounting Skills

People will appreciate your experience and not theoretical knowledge

The Cosmos and the Manifestation of Life

How did human beings or one-sense creatures first came into existence?

Vivek, Vinay and Param Vinay

Please explain the true meaning of etiquette (vivek or courtesy)?

What is Pure Soul ?

What is required to be done if we need to achieve Ultimate Salvation?


I tend to lose my cool very often and get angry. How to correct this?

View Point

During Arguments with parents we always feel that we are 110% right

Why Aptasinchan ?

The fundamental motive is that the lineage of ‘Gnanis’ may continue

Albert Einstein - Part2

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Humanity is distinct from racism and partiality

Stephen William Hawking

Strong determination makes impossible things also possible.

Saint Kabir

He teaches that being one with God is the ultimate aim of human life

Ignacy Jan Paderewski - Part 1

The habit of kindness can only be achieved by thinking for others

Laghuraj swami

Honesty and dedication are the ways to progress on the path we go

Ignacy Jan Paderewski - Part 2

Every act of kindness will always return to us manifold

Sachin Tendulkar

Great people never praise their own self but sincere to their work

Walt Disney

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Helen Keller

An example how determination and hard work can win over disabilities

Sir Isaac Newton

It’s good to be inquisitive. Ask why? Just don’t agree to everything

My first Experience at 'seva'

I never felt any fatigue despite spending long hours in 'seva'

Mistakes (Experience With Niruma)

Getting rid of your blunders & mistakes you will not have any superior

Learning through experience

I would always feel that I am right in each and every situation

Kusang to Satsang

Being in touch with SatPurush by any means always helps for betterlife

Importance of residing at spiritual place

The difference between residing at Simandhar City and elsewhere

Gnan gave me absolute Peace

The understanding of pure soul is the key to resolve conflicts of life

Free from tension during job interviews

Keeping equanimity in all situations helps us to overcome failure

Free from Negativity

Whenever negativity arises, Niruma's words immediately echo in my mind

Saint Eknath

He who give happiness to others can never be unhappy

Importance of idol worship

Why should we worship idols? Why should we bathe idols or do rituals?

Attachment and Pure Love

What is the difference between true love and attachment?

Nishchay (Determination)

When I sit to study I am unable to concentrate for long. What to do?


What is the exact meaning of 'Krupa' (grace) and how can one earn it?


Do we know how obstacles form in our life? Let us understand about it.

Science of Money

Does it come with hard work or does one earn it through intellect?

What is your goal? Where are you headed?

What should be the true goal of human life as per the Gnani Purush?

What is Dharma?

Every person has a different definition of religion, so what is fact?

Completely free from anger!

I deal angrily with speech and action. How can I control my anger?

Gnani with Youth

I am unable to forget some incidents of my life with my friends. Why?

The origin of God Shankar

Lord Shiva or Mahadev or Shankar are names that point in one direction

Physician’s Permission

Niruma never overruled anyone’s decision and always followed advice

Lunch Pack

Niruma would shower all her unconditional love & compassion on all

I Know Something

The problem of “I Know Something” hinders our progress in Spirituality

Pujya Niruma's birthday celebration

On that day, she would bow down to everyone and take their blessings

Inauguration Ceremony of Vatsalya

The journey that began from your home has now ended with us here

Personal Care

This was Niruma’s care for Celibate brothers and their family

Prem–Swaroop Niruma

When any person meets Niruma once, Niruma always remember him forever

A glass of fresh Orange juice

Niruma cared for everyone whether big or small as her own child

Just tell the Truth

‘Gnani’s’ tactfully handle situations and help to overcome the follies

Try and try till you succeed

Niruma kept trying to make “Pudas” exactly like Jhaverba for Dadashri

Should we eat Non-veg?

You have no moral right to eat that which you cannot produce

Gnani, An Idol of Astonishment !

The correct understanding of Gnan while performing work of JagatKalyan

Effect of Bhakti

A prayer done with sincerity brings all circumstances together

Winning Hearts

Niruma used to win the heart of others by humbleness and love

Gift of love

The story about Dadashri’s ‘blessing and gift of love’ to Niruma

Key to be free from Relative Possessions

How unique are ways of Gnani to set one free from worldly attachments

Gnani's Adjustment

Niruma said We dont want to do anything whereby the mahatma feels hurt

Study as a file

Pujya Niruma’s example of solving the “education file” with equanimity

Niruma's dedication

On that day Dadashri’s concern for Niruma was visible on his face

Gnani’s simplicity, submission and purity are truly marvelous!!!

Let the messages of Gnani reach the public ‘as it is in original form’

Secret of happiness

It was then that Niruma realized the reason behind her being graceful

Effect of positive vibrations

Pujy Niruma instantly repented and started sending positive vibrations

Gnani’s compassion is the ultimate thing

Enlightened ones never ask for anything but your “Worldly attachment”

The feeling of oneness

As per Gnani, ‘feeling of oneness’ with a person is a bondage of love

Separation from doer-ship

Dadashri used to frequently alert Niruma for worldly “doer-ship”

Christmas - Jesus Christ

The message of Jesus Christ was to be humble to the world

Saint Nicholas - Santa Claus

Living for the sake of others will make you fill better

Kapil Dev

On 8 March 2010, he was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.

Mother Teresa

“The success of love is in loving - it is not in the result of loving”

Lord Hanuman

A great disciple of Lord Rama and a symbol of devotion and dedication

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

He consolidated the country into one united whole in a unique manner

Importance of Guru in life

The guru clarifies your path & gives you the light (sooj) to go ahead

John A Roebling

All obstacles can be overcome with determination and persistence.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Not often we come across such person, with so much of honor & dignity

Alfred Nobel

He was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, & armament manufacturer

Mahatma Gandhi-2

It was from this incident when he decided to giveup his lavish clothes

Swami Vivekanand

The power of concentration is only key to treasure-house of knowledge.

Abraham Lincoln-2

A man drew a revolver and thrust the weapon almost into his face.

Mark Twain

I had to present myself to San Francisco as a lecturer on stage

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

He was famous teacher, 1st Vice President and 2nd President of India

Lord Bahubali

Just as he lifted his foot, at that very moment, he attained Kevalgnan

Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj

'Swamishri' was the fifth spiritual successor of Bhagwan Swaminarayan.

Experiencial Learning

Those 40 hours spent with Pujya Niruma are embedded in my memory

Experiences during Satsang Tour with Pujyashree

In 2010 I had opportunity to travel with Pujyashree for Satsang tour

Experience in YUVA camp

A special week long camp organized for the youth aged 17 to 21 years

Experience in iSTAR

It’s 15-day program specially designed for youths living outside India

Dada's Gnan and Earthquake

Immediately when the building collapsed, we were aware of Dada’s Gnan!

Dada's Aagna Vyavasthit

Due to Dada’s gnan I could remain calm throughout the whole situation

Courage & Positivity

I got rejected by 9 companies but faced every situation with equanimty

Common Sense - Everywhere Applicable

Let us learn about Common Sense from an incident of Akbar Birbal

Benifits of associating with YMHT (Young Mahatma group)

A good friend circle is equal to thousand proverbs

Benifits of doing Asim Jai Jaikar Ho

It was that day I realized importance of chanting Asim Jay Jaykar Ho

Benefits of Aarti, Vidhi & Asim Jai Jaikar Ho

Daily doing Arti, Vidhi & Asim jai jaikar ho develops us spiritually.

Away from 'kusang' (bad company)

How to progress on spiritual path by Satsang (Good Company)?

'Asim Jay Jaykar Ho' helped in studies

This made my chit calm and I could easily remember what I had read.

Downfall in life due to ‘viradhana’

This is my experience of the result of disrespecting one of my Gurus…


But, although every moment was fun, there was a question in my heart

Gnani's Transparency

This is incident from Dadashri life when staying in Mamani Pol, Baroda

Gnani is our strength

This incident dates back when Dadashri used to organize Jatra- pilgrim

Gnani's 'art' to solve a 'file'

He arrogantly questioned Dada, Why are you calling yourself a Bhagwan?

An Ideal Business Partner

These events happened in the early 40’s with Dadashri in his Business

The non-attachment state of a 'Gnani'

This incident took place when Dadashri’s wife Hiraba left for heaven

Gnani's Compassion - 1

Dadashri said, “It was a mistake on my part. Please forgive me.”

Who is culprit?

All our grievances and complaints arise due to misunderstandings

Gnani's Compassion - 2

This memorable instance took place in the 70's with Dadashri inSatsang

The greatest key to progress in the spiritual path

I experienced a direct clarification of 'Sahajatma Swaroop param guru’

Height of devotion

Dadashri cautioned Deepakbhai, “Never see a single fault in Niruben”

Gnani - Without Prejudice

Dadashri would say - “I never form any wrong opinion about any person”

Niruma ‘the mother’ of entire world

All others were completely shocked but Niruma maintained her composure

Avoids clashes due to difference of Viewpoint

Changing one’s presentation is better than a difference of opinion

Akram Path - Kramic Path

There are 2 paths of liberation: Kramik is by steps & Akram is by lift

Shubh Deepavali

In Sanskriti, the exact meaning od ‘Deepavali’ is “row of lamps”

Gandhi Jayanti

Let us all remember ‘Father of our Nation’ & pay our respects to him

Saraswati Maa

Goddess of Knowledge & Arts. Wisdom & consciousness flow freely from

Amba Maa

How to please Amba Ma? Let’s understand this in Dada’s Words

Makar Sankranti

Besides the enjoyment by flying kites, we get Vitamin D, from the sun

VEGETARIANISM - A Step Closer to Ahimsa

How can Ahimsa be practiced? Let’s find answers to such questions


How fascinating would it be if Samovasaran above were to be in REALITY

The Importance of Prakshal

Prakshal is daily idol cleansing puja for all the Tirthankar Bhagwans


How can one be free of “greed”? Let’s see effective solutions to this

Glimpses of Real Religion & Relative Religions

In this article let us take a look into different relative religions

Karma Behind Dreams

Do we have to do Pratikraman for mistakes committed in our dreams?

Dreams …a Mystery!

Let us know about the science behind dreams


Which types of fears are there? how can one get rid of these fears?


“I want to donate money” should always be your intention within


How encouragement can be done with mind, words, & action per Dadashri?

Whom to call noble ?

Nobility is to become polite when a situation prompts you to show off

Solutions to Aadai (Obstinacy)

What is Aadai (Obstinacy)? Know about Aadai in Dada’s words


Sheel is the highest state of conduct in worldly interactions

Goal of Life

You earn money, eat, drink, enjoy yourself; but you still have worries

Garba - From Faith to Fashion

It is intense dancing, singing and clapping to immerse in inner peace

Albert Einstein-1

His lifelong passion for physics was sparked at the Age of 4 or 5

A Person is Most Valuable

Things are not as valuable as the heart of a person

Shree Mahavir Bhagwan & Pratikraman of Goshala

Don't you agree that there is tremendous power in doing “pratikraman“?

Stop Corruption

When you go to a Movie theatre and find HOUSE FULL, what do you do?

Children see, Children Do

Children learn by trying to do something, by failing, & by being told

Change Belief and Get Relief

Come, Let’s understand what it is the 'thing' that can bring happiness

How to gain self confidence

You want to be confident, but what if you’ve little or no confidence?

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