Free from Negativity

Free From Negativity


Although I took 'gnan' in 2009 but I was in touch with Dadashri's 'satsang' since childhood as my parents had taken 'gnan' years back and I used to accompany them to attend 'satsang'.

Initially I used to accompany them for the sake of fun and the chance to go on an outing. The actual realization of this amazing philosophy and its true impact was felt only after I took 'gnan' in 2009.

Being a resident of Rajkot, I too had the typical trait of all Saurashtrians – 'praise and respect don't matter, but none should ever insult me.' I used to feel miserable every time, when I faced an insult.

Gradually I took up 'seva'. But once you master a particular 'seva' and you are asked to forget it, it results in a lot of negativity and anger. Now since past 2 -3 years I have been attending YMHT 'satsang' regularly which has proved to be a blessing. So whenever negativity arises, Niruma's words immediately echo in my mind,

“Although we were instrumental in developing this 'Simandhar City', if we were asked to leave the place, we would do so immediately without any hesitation.” This statement had such a massive impact that whenever any such situation arose it made me think of Niruma and Her magnanimous attitude. 

Besides that, another thing that made a major impact was the interactions with 'Aptputras' during 'Yuva camp'. Although they are 'Aptputras', they interact with such humility that we feel they are just one amongst us and not an 'Aptputra.’