Akram Path - Kramic Path

The Kramic And The Akram Path To Liberation

There are two paths of liberation : One is the common and the main path, called the Kramik path, which is a step-bystep path where there is a gradual spiritual evolution. In this path, if you are fortunate enough and find the company of spiritual people, you may climb up to five hundred steps. On the other hand if you land amidst the company of non-spiritual people, you may go down five thousand steps. It is a very arduous and a grueling path. You have to do a lot of incantation of God’s name, penance and renunciation in order to progress and even then there is no telling when you will achieve liberation. The other path is the Akram path, where you are not required to climb any steps. It is a ‘lift’ (an elevator) path where you can continue with all your daily mundane activities, fulfill all your worldly responsibilities towards your wife and children, and still achieve liberation! Nothing will hinder your progress towards liberation. This is an exceptional path and one, which comes around once every million years.



King Bharat was the only one who was given such Gnan. Of his hundred sons, Lord Rushabhadev bestowed this Gnan upon only King Bharat. Ninety-eight of his sons were initiated into monk hood leaving behind their kingdom to Bahubaliji and Bharat. Shortly afterwards Bahubaliji also renounced everything and left the kingdom. Consequently the responsibility of the whole empire fell on King Bharat. King Bharat had thirteen hundred queens. Don’t men get tired of even one wife today? King Bharat had grown tired of the varying temperaments of his queens, fighting wars and the worries of ruling an empire. So he asked Lord Rushabhadev if he could relinquish the kingdom to someone else and be initiated into monk hood. He too wanted libration. Lord Rushabdev told King Bharat that he was the nimit (instrument) for ruling the kingdom and if he were to forego his duties, there would be utter chaos. He told King Bharat that he would bestow upon him such a Gnan that none of his queens or his kingdom or the wars would hinder his spiritual progress towards liberation. This Akram Gnan is the very same Gnan, which I give you now, in just one hour. King Bharat however, had servants who would warn him every fifteen minutes to maintain awareness of the Gnan by saying, ‘Bharat beware, beware, beware! But in this kaliyug (current fifth era of the six part half time cycle), where one is barely able to make ends meet, so how can one employ someone to do the same for him? That is why I place such awareness within you that it will warn you every moment of the day.

Such an awe-inspiring Gnan has never been seen or heard of before in any era. It is the eleventh wonder of the current time cycle.