Who is culprit?

A gentleman used to visit Dada regularly. He always used to crib about his miseries and misfortune. Once Dadashri asked him the reason for his grievances; to this he gave a detailed explanation of his feeling of being cheated by his in - laws. He felt he was cheated by his father- in - law because when it was arranged for him to see his prospective bride for the first time, she was seated. It was later while they were taking their solemn vows around the sacred fire that he found that she was handicapped.

Who is culprit


It had been almost a decade since they had been married and even had three children. Yet this man was not able to accept the fact that his wife was a handicap and thus felt cheated and as a result felt dejected all the time.

To this Dadashri asked him, “While you have so many complaints against your wife, what does she have to say about you? Does she have any complaints?”

The gent replied, “Dadaji, how can she have any complaints? I am good looking, smart, financially well off and above all without any physical defect.”

Then Dadashri said in a very compassionate voice, “Look. Your wife must have bound many merit karmas and as a result she is blessed with such a smart husband like you. On the contrary, you must have bound demerit karmas and consequently you got a handicapped person as your wife. Now tell me, who is the culprit? Who should be complaining?

This one statement by Dadashri made him realize that he was reaping the fruits of sins previously committed by him. Therefore it did not make any sense complaining.

Just this little change in his belief, cleared his grievance of the past ten years and for the first time since the day he was married, he felt truly relaxed.

Almost all our grievances and complaints arise due to such misunderstandings and can easily be set right by right understanding.