Niruma ‘the mother’ of entire world

One night along wih many ‘mahatmas’ Niruma were engrossed in ‘bhakti’ on the terrace of “Dada Darshan” Building. A ring of a phone from a doctor mahatma in U.S interrupted and Niruma was asked to attend the call. The doctor very solemnly informed that cancer cells were detected in Deepakbhai’s kidney.

Niruma ‘the mother’ of entire world

After hanging up the phone Niruma rejoined the mahatmas and continued with the ‘bhakti’. On completion of ‘bhakti’ she went to her room and conveyed the news to one ‘aptputra’. The ‘aptputra’ was completely shaken with the news but Niruma maintained her composure. She only said, “The ‘punyay’ (merit karmas) of the people of this world is falling short. One who has been so well moulded and blessed by Dadashri and has dedicated his whole being to the selfless cause of ‘jagat kalyan’ has been diagnosed with cancer. He has dedicated his whole life for the worthy cause of guiding young boys on the path of celibacy and helping the senior mahatmas in their endeavour of spiritual progress.” She was momentarily overcome with grief while saying so, but immediately regained her composure by with the thought of it all being ‘vyavasthit’.

She immediately decided to fly to U.S. and join Deepakbhai as she was well aware about the gravity of the situation. Deepakbhai requested her not to travel, so as to avoid the strenuous and long flight but Niruma was firm in her stand said, “My presence there will bring joy to Deepak, hence I want to go there.” While on the other hand Deepakbhai was not at all upset on hearing the news of his health.

Niruma used to pray to Dada, used to do ‘vidhi’ for Deepakbhai but all this was not out of ‘moh’ (illusionary attachment) but out of ‘gnan’.

A few days later Niruma dreamt, that Pujya Dadashri was telling Deepakbhai, “Deepak you need not worry about your kidney. Nothing shall happen to you. Don’t even think about it and just forget it. Everything is going to be just fine.”

In due course Deepakbhai’s operation was successfully carried out in Niruma’s presence.

Such was Niruma ‘the mother’ of entire world!