Why Aptasinchan ?

Sooner or later one shall have to become ‘vitraag’ (state of non – attachment). So why not begin our ‘purusharth’ (spiritual endeavor) today itself?

Why Aptasinchan ?

It is a natural phenomenon that as one develops spiritually and becomes ‘pure’, by default he tends to become helpful to others. This sets a cumulative effect in motion wherein one naturally develops and subsequently ends up helping others and so on. In this manner, this ‘science’ in its exactness shall continue for generations to come in exactly the same way as Dadashri had experienced it. Unless it is in our hearts desire that it remain so in its exactness, it shall gradually start fading away and the precise meaning shall be lost. But till the ‘experienced’ one is present, the precise meaning won’t be lost and the true essence shall remain just as it was in Dadashri’s presence. (All will be safe under the subtle presence of Dadashri and Niruma).



A dedicated effort for three years for one to progress in ‘gnan’ and overcome the ‘kashays’ (anger, pride, deceit, greed). This spiritual endeavor is otherwise impossible in the rigors of our daily routine.



The fundamental motive of ‘sinchan’ is that the lineage of ‘Gnanis’ may continue for generations. Pujyashree Deepakbhai succeeded Niruma and Dadashri and later these ‘Aptputras’ and ‘Aptputris’ shall continue this tradition for generations to come. ‘Akram Vigyan’ shall keep on spreading across the globe and benefit those eligible for ultimate salvation and it shall definitely be so! ‘Satsang’, along with the right guidance shall act as a tool and help increase purity. Our profound intent is that this ‘science’ may continue for generations through the lineage of worthy successors. A new successor shall qualify in the presence of the preceding one and so on. And thus this ‘science’ shall reach every nook and corner of the world for generations to come. 

Our sincere ‘purusharth’ and ‘parakram bhav’ (extraordinary spiritual endeavour) can be the only worthy tribute we can offer to Dadashri’s ‘gnan’ which in turn shall enable us to spread the message of salvation amongst the masses. We should dedicate our complete being for this worthy cause.


Our sole desire is that all can accomplish this level and spread harmony and happiness in this world burning with agony.