Questioner: I would like to know as to how do these obstacles form?


Pujyashri: The fundamental reason for all obstacles is the desire for material pleasures, whereas a Gnani does not have any such desires and hence their status can be termed completely obstacle free. To attain that status, we merely have to bring an end to these desires. One should have no other yearning besides attaining the experience of the pure soul. These wants and need for something, be it the greed for seeking pride or position, for wealth or for illusory attachment (moha), for sensual pleasures or the attitude of being obstinate and bent on having one's own way creates obstacles in one's path of realizing the 'self'. Otherwise, how can there be obstacles on the path for achieving salvation? So the decision for no need of any of the worldly things should be so strong that no matter what, self-realization should always be our goal. Such a person would not have any hurdles to overcome. Dadashri explains that he has never had any desire for anything worldly and hence the necessities he receives are superior to what we normally have. Even these he does not want, nor he gets engrossed in them. He is only concerned in “settling his files “. Your only goal in life should be “self-realization” and nothing else. Through one 'samayik' try to find out what are your 'wants' besides 'self-realization'. In case whatever you desire and are wishing for will come to you in due course of time. Whatever is your rightful share you will get; if not, you will not succeed in getting it however hard you may try. Only remain consistent in your efforts towards achieving self-realization. Thus unnecessarily you are wishing for those 'wants' which have already been set aside for your present life which in turn create obstacles for next life. In fact, your life's achievement, right from birth to death, are fixed: how many years you will spend in engineering career as a boss or chief executive or you may even be fired: all these destined situations are designed by you! We should only wish for realizing Pure Soul.


Questioner: Why do we face obstacles in matter of good eating items, as well as procuring wealth?


Pujyashri: For this, Dadashri has only one explanation: In whatever way you will obstruct others, you will yourself have to face similar hurdles. By interfering when someone is doing charity, or giving donation, or offering food to others and you stop him you will create similar obstructions for yourself!