Winning Hearts

Once a satsang program was organized for the elders in London. As Niruma started the satsang, an aged man interrupted her asking, “Niruben, all you saints come from India and talk about Ram and Krishna, but why hasn’t anyone talked about Gandhiji? We have not even seen Ram or Krishna, while Gandhiji helped India gain freedom. Yet nobody talks of him.”

Niruma tried to explain to him, but he would not listen. Instead, he held onto his viewpoint. Finally, Niruma said, “Uncle, what you say is very true. Gandhiji has greatly obliged all of us. I have always told these organizers to keep a week long session on Gandhiji, just like they have for Ramayan and Bhagwat.”

Winning Hearts

The elderly man was delighted on hearing this and said, “That’s all. I understand. Please continue with your satsang.” Then Niruma asked him, “Uncle, do you know who was Gandhiji’s guru?” The elderly man was not aware of the answer and Niruma then said, “His guru was Shrimad Rajchandra. Gandhiji was planning to change his religion, but after his exchange of letters with Shrimad, he stuck to his religion and followed it sincerely.” This gave the elderly man a lot of happiness.

Noticing this, Niruma related a few more incidents of Shrimadji to him. The elderly man applauded her satsang very heartily. Once the satsang was over, the organizers then told Niruma, “You are the first person this gentleman has given a chance to speak. Usually, he never gives anybody else a chance to speak.” After satsang, Niruma returned to the residence of her host.

The next day, Niruma was out on a walk, on the way, she stopped to buy vegetables for her host when the elderly man approached her. Seeing Niruma there he thought that Niruma had to prepare her own meals, and was appalled.

With a lot of emotion, he asked Niruma, “Niruma, do you have to cook for yourself and buy vegetables too? This will not do. Please come home. I will cook for you and serve you.