Change Belief and Get Relief

Do you want to be happy?

Are you tired of daily quarrels and nuisance?

Then friends, there is no need to go outside.

Come, Let’s understand what it is the 'thing' that can bring happiness to us and transform our life?

How does the law of nature work behind this 'thing'?

That very 'thing' is our 'BELIEF'.

All the people in this world have their own beliefs. Their way of looking at things differently. These beliefs play a very important role in our life. In any given situation, whether a man is 'happy' or 'unhappy', depends upon his own view point positive or negative!

Dadashri eleborates this with the help of a beautiful example:

Suppose an incident occurs in a house. A glass containing water falls and breaks.

Situation #1 : It fell due to our own fault.

Our Reaction : 'Oh. Let me clear the floor quickly before anyone notices....'

Situation #2 : Glass falls from the servant's hands.

Our Reaction : 'Darn it! Can't you walk properly? Are your hands weak? I will cut your pay to make up for this loss!'

Situation #3 : The glass falls from one of the in-laws' hands.

Our Reaction : 'It's ok! No problem! Thank God you are not hurt. Broken glass is a sign of good luck!

If we analyze these 3 situations, we will find that the incident is the same (a glass gets broken), but our comfort or discomfort level depends upon the view point built into our own belief system.

So if we change our belief a little bit, the resultant suffering will vanish.

Dadashri illustrates this with another example :

Suppose a small clay pot is broken by a child playing in the house, no one would mind. But if glass utensils are broken, the head of the house will immediately scold his wife, “Can't you take care of the child properly?'

Why is it that he was silent when the clay pot was broken, but agitated when glass the bowl was broken?

It is because the value of glass is more than the value of a clay pot. The value of the clay pot is negligible. It is highly devalued.

The happening or occurrence of an event is the result of our past karma. However, within the event, there is the difference in viewpoints and how we react to it! In both situations involving breakage, we don't react over the clay pot. Why is it so?

Hence we find that we tend to quarrel and display anguish when we attach 'value' to a particular thing in our belief system. Likewise, let us take an example of deriving pleasure from an occasion:

Suppose a person organizes a 'pizza party' for his friends. Will everyone enjoy it equally?

Now the intention of the person giving the party is the same for all to make them happy. Still there are some people who won't be happy. Why?

It is because some do not like the taste of pizza while the others love pizza.

So who imparts pleasure or pain?
Situation happening outside?
Any material thing?
Any person in particular?

It’s our own belief system that is responsible for our pleasures and pain.

Dadashri explains wonderfully by citing another example:

Why does everyone act wise (cautiously) on the day of Diwali? Just the belief works that 'today is the day of Diwali and I would like to remain happy through the day and would not like to quarrel with anyone'. Since we are the master of ourselves, we can decide not to pose arrogance and accordingly we do so on that particular day. Whatever we decide, we can act upon it in the same way to experience our new belief.

Conclusion – To become happy in this world, one is not required to change any particular person or circumstances involving an occasion, but only himself. One needs to change only his own 'Belief System'. So it goes, “Change Belief and Get Relief”.