Avoids clashes due to difference of Viewpoint

One day Hiraba said to Dadashri, “My brother has four daughters and the eldest one is getting married. What silverware should we give her?” Dadashri said, “Give away whatever we have in the house”

On hearing this, Hiraba at once said, “On a similar occasion at your maternal cousin's family, you gave them such large silver utensils!” On that day the question of 'mine and yours' arose. Until that day, such words were never used. It was always 'ours'. For the first time, on that occasion, there was a mention of 'mine and yours'. For the first time Hiraba had said 'your cousin'. Dadashri at once realised that he had made a mistake and he corrected it by saying, “what I mean to say is that whatever silverware we have in the house should be given, also Rs.501/- cash !”

Avoids clashes due to difference of Viewpoint

Hiraba looked aghast and said, “No need to give so much money. You are still so naive!”

Thus Dadashri saved the situation by changing the presentation. There is no harm in changing one’s presentation. Changing one’s presentation is better than having a difference of opinion. Instead of feeling that less was being offered to her brother, she countered by saying, “You are a simpleton. You should not offer so much!”

With his common sense, Dadashri avoided any clash or difference in point of view.