Effect of positive vibrations

Niruma never created a sense of separation with anyone.

Once it happened that Niruma was facing lots of problems from a person. For years Niruma made all sorts of adjustments, performed 'pratikraman' but still the problem persisted.

Once a negative thought emerged in Niruma's mind to cut relations with that person, as he was constantly faltering.

These negative vibrations were felt by that person and as a result he suffered mentally and struggled very hard to overcome the situation.

Effect of positive vibrations

When Pujya Niruma came to know about it she instantly repented and started sending positive vibrations that such mistake should never happen.

“I created a sense of separation. Never again will I let this happen!” she decided, whilst repenting.

Thereafter she was always careful till the very end. A small lapse from her side and the person might suffer a huge loss through the sense of separation. He may panic and fall down. Love is nourishment and so even a subtle separation cannot be allowed.

Niruma remembered that Dadashri always used to say – “Once a person touches my feet and seeks blessings, I never see any fault in him throughout his life despite any mistake he may make. He has surrendered in total faith so even if he commits mistakes, it is entirely my responsibility to see that he remains on the path of progress and liberation.  If any negativity occurs in him, it might be manifestation of his past karmas. However, from my side there should not be any lapse or separation. This oneness is the strength which prevents him from going away.”

Niruma remembered this just in time and started sending positive feelings for that man and won his heart enabling him to come back in satsangs.

Remember always: “once lost is lost forever”

What an excellent exhibition of compassion by the Gnanis'!