Gnani’s compassion is the ultimate thing

The incident dates back to the year 1987. Dadashri was relaxing on a bed. Niruma was sitting below on the floor by the side of the bed.

Suddenly Dadashri asked with outstretched hands, “Niruben, will you give me something?”

Gnani’s compassion

Niruma replied, “Dada, I would give everything to you. Whatever you ask!"

Niruma started wondering why Dada who never asked anything from anybody, is asking something from me. Enlightened Beings never ask for anything. On the contrary, they believe in giving. She had often heard Dada saying many a times, ‘these hands are for giving only, not to receive! I have never asked for anything from anyone during the whole life.’

So Niruma was highly pleased with Dada’s request. “Dada, I would give everything to you” – said Niruma.

‘Not everything, I just need one thing’- replied Dada.

‘What is it Dada?’  Niruma questioned.

‘Do one thing. Withdraw all your attachment from worldly things and place in Dada(Gnani)’- Dadashri said to Niruma.

Niruma couldn’t believe. She immediately placed both hands on Dada’s palm and said, “Dada, from now, all my attachment lies with you”.

It was a small but very unusual incident. It was a different kind of experience for Niruma. The subtle layers of karmas gathered as a result of natural attachment on things melted away with simplicity.

Dada would always say -“Discharge karmas of Niruben will dissolve at the behest of Gnani’s compassion”. Rest of the people will have to work hard to dissolve it. But as for Niruben, it will surely fade out with our blessings”. It so happened.