View Point

Questioner: Whenever we enter into arguments or have any difference of opinion with parents, we always feel that we are 110% right.

Niruma: Does that happen with you?


Questioner: Yes, once it happened with me. And then my dad said, “Do whatever you want to.” What should I do in such a situation?

Niruma: Did he say that willingly or out of irritation?

Questioner: He was furious when he said so.

Niruma: It means, he said so out of disappointment. What else would he say with you pestering him? He must be tired with your arguments and thus he must have given up and said so.

Questioner: But then why do we have different viewpoints?

Niruma: Let's put it this way, you must be aware that in a circle there are 360 degrees. Similarly, we all are at a certain degree individually. Now each one is 'stuck up' at a certain degree and hence views things from that particular degree only. Thus he feels that his view point is correct. You would see things from a particular degree while the one behind you would see them from the degree he is standing on. Thus he would feel that what he sees is correct. Similarly, every individual views things from his respective degree and feels that his view is correct and not that of others. This is because he can't visualize the view of those at various other degrees. Now if your dad is at 300, he would feel that what he sees is correct. While you might be at 200 and so you would feel that whatever you see is correct. Likewise, your mom might be at 250 and thus would feel that whatever she sees is correct. Even a slight variation of 10 would lead to different views. Various different degrees lead to various different opinions. Each one feels that his view point is correct. Hence forth if you face a situation where in difference of opinion occurs, you should realize that it is so due to each individual's different view point.