Shrimad Rajchandra

Who was Shrimad Rajchandra?

2500 years ago, the 24th Tirthankar, Bhagwan Mahavira attained nirvana. Since then, several Enlightened Souls have expounded the philosophy of Jainism. One such exalted soul was Shrimad Rajchandraji. He is deeply venerated for the great spiritual heights that he had attained, his outstanding personality, his remarkable exposition of Bhagwan Mahavira's teachings and his literary genius. He is spirituality incarnate; benevolence personified – a perfect blend of pure knowledge, absolute and selfless devotion and complete detachment. A surging ocean of divine compassion, His life was an epitome of an intense and incessant pursuit of religion.

Shrimad Rajchandra

At the age of seven, he attained Jatismaran gyan (a recollection of several past lives). He wrote MOKSHMADA at the age of 16 years & then, wrote Atma Siddhi, a Gujarati poem on attainment of soul. He was born in 1867 & in 1901, at 33 years of age, he died in a state of complete awareness.


Life Incidence of Shrimad Rajchandra

This is a true story from the life of Shrimad Rajchandra who had a large business of diamonds and jewels. Shrimad Rajchandra, commonly called Raichandbhai, was well known all over for his honesty. He never indulged in any unethical practices. Not only that but Shrimad Rajchandra was also concerned about protecting the interests of his fellow businessmen. He never intended to profit at the expense of others.

Shrimad Rajchandra once made a deal with a fellow businessman. The businessman promised to supply a quantity of jewels. The price of the jewels was agreed upon and the date of delivery was also set. The agreement was drawn up, signed and sealed.

Unexpectedly, just before the date of delivery, the prices of jewels went up. The businessman realized that if he delivered the jewels on time, he would suffer a heavy loss. He might be forced to sell his house and belongings. The businessman was in deep distress. Nevertheless, he was willing to fulfill his promise.

When Shrimad Rajchandra came to know about the rise in prices, he went to see the businessman. The businessman was startled and terrified. Before, Shrimad Rajchandra could utter a word, he said, "Raichandbhai, rest assured, I will fulfill my promise at all cost. Please do not worry."

Shrimad Rajchandra replied, "I know that you will definitely fulfill your promise. However, I also know that you are extremely worried. How can I remain unconcerned under such circumstances? Look, the root cause of our worries is the contract signed by us. I will destroy it and our troubles will be over." The businessman said, "No, no. That is not necessary. Please allow me two days’ time. Just two days!"

Shrimad Rajchandra did not pay attention to him. He did not hesitate even for a moment in doing what was right under the circumstances. He took out the contract. Tearing it into pieces, he said, "This piece of paper had bound our hands and feet. In this deal, I would have made considerable profit but you would have been ruined. I can drink milk but I cannot draw blood."

The businessman was amazed. He fell on Shrimad Rajchandra feet. Raichandbhai hugged him and said, "The supreme duty of human beings is to help each other in times of trouble."