Niruma: It is not that you have to do charity (donate money) immediately. Some people may have big knots or tuber of greed and may say that they are unable to give big amounts of money all at once! They go on singing the same old negative tune each time. That should not be done; you should have the intention to donate at all times. On waking up, have the intent to give. Do you know, by regularly doing so, the ‘tumor of greed’ will begin to melt? “I want to donate money” should always be your intention within. This will loosen the tight knots of greed within. Remember, once these knots loosen, your tumor of greed will diminish and you will feel a lot of happiness.

       Let me quote one example: One seeker who used to come to me was employed. From his income, he kept aside a certain amount which he donated for the first time to ‘Simandhar Swami’. Seeing this, Dada asked him whether his family members had all consented gladly, and whether this was a surplus amount from his income. To all these questions, this man’s answer was positive. After donating his money, he came back the next day. Dada then asked him if he felt happy about what he had done. The man replied that his happiness knew no bounds after giving away that amount of money. He had no words to describe his happiness; he had not felt such happiness even on his wedding day! Then Dada explained that it was an ‘inner bliss’ he was enjoying. How did that happen? It was due to the bursting of the tumor of greed that made him feel light and happy.

       Follow the path I show you: Travel by rickshaw every day for a while and carry coins worth Rs. 25, close your eyes and drop these coins with both hands, all along the way. A week later, carry change worth Rs. 100 and repeat the same act daily. A certain greedy man, who would hesitate to spend money on a rickshaw, took up this difficult task! Dada gave him this remedy to get rid of his greedy nature, and he followed it. A few years after he came out from his greed, Dada had visited his home and blessed him.

Questioner: Can one get rid of his greed and worldly temptations by observing and staying with a noble person?

Niruma: One can become noble. If you observe a noble person’s nobility and appreciate it, then you will also be affected by nobility, do you understand? That is a natural law. What is it to be noble? One who does not think about himself and always thinks about others, has nobility.