Kusang to Satsang

I would like to share my experience about Dada’s Akram Vignan and the way it transformed me in to a better student and person. I am talking about the time when I had moved in a hostel at Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), for the first time in my life, for my higher study of MCA. Previously I studied in Government College, where there used to be few classes for studies and more free time for fun. Do you know what we used to do? My friend and I would do everything except study, which included watching movies, playing games, shopping, partying, loitering around the city, etc. as we had no work to do.


In first semester of MCA, I got free internet connection, first time ever, so you can very well guess, what I would have done next. All of my friends used to chat on-line, so I also created my account on Google. Soon, I got into the habit of chatting 24 x 7 with my batch mates, and eventually with strangers, on useless matters.


When I was studying BCA, I had come to know about Niruma from Doordarshan serial “Nayi Drashti Nayi Raah” and I always had urge to meet her followers. At that time, I did not even know how to search data in Google, but later, when I got internet connection and learnt how to search on net, I looked for Mahatmas. I was able to locate one mahatma and added him on my chat list. I wanted to talk to him, but I did not know how to initiate conversation, so I requested him to share his experience and feeling about Akram Vignan. He humbly did that.


There was no Satsang Centre at Jamshedpur at that time and I yearned to meet Niruma’s followers. So, daily I used to tell that mahatma to kindly request Deepakbhai to come to Jharakhand and share his “Sweet Memories” with Niruma with seekers like me. I had no fixed time to be online, so whenever I saw the mahatma online, I would chat with him and would continue the same with my friends. Besides talking about Niruma and Deepakbhai, we used to talk about my daily activities and routine. He used to make special efforts and provide guidance to me for improving my attitude, thinking and behavior. But it was all in vain, as I did not care for these at that time.


One day the Mahatma informed me that Deepakbhai was coming to Kolkata. I was thrilled to know that but at the same time I wondered if I should go to Kolkata to attend Satsang. That mahatma insisted that I go there as I had been waiting for this opportunity for last 3 years. Friends, I went to Kolkata and attended Satsang, but still wondered if I should take Gnan. Then, I remembered the Mahatma and to avoid answering him why I had not taken Gnan, I attended Gnan-Vidhi, and that was the Turning Point of my life!


Initially I did not know much about Dada’s Gnan. The Mahatama slowly, but regularly fed me with facets of Akram Vignan and Dada’s Vani. As days passed by like this, there was perceptible improvement in my behavior and character. When I reached final semester, I was fond of books and would quietly sit in my room and work on my weaknesses. This was the same “me”, who did not touch books before exams and who loved chatting on internet. Hobby of watching movies has slowly disappeared and now, even the thought of watching movie does not come to my mind. My habit of ‘chatting’ nonstop has reduced significantly. I have learnt a lot from Dada’s Gnan and I am still learning. I feel great being one of Dada’s Mahatmas.


So, being in touch with a Sat-Purush by any means, always helps us in leading a better life and achieve ultimate goal of Salvation-Moksha.