Pujyashri : When a person does not react when someone is angry with him, it reflects  a strength which is awe-inspiring. This is “Sheel” (The highest state of conduct in worldly interactions). A person with Sheel casts such an effect that he does not have to speak; his presence is enough to get the work done! Some guy may be beating up somebody, but as soon as he sees the person with sheel, he stops. Why? Because the “sheelvan” person is a man of personality which is 'effective'; it may not be a 100%, but even to a certain extent, he is awe-inspiring. When does that happen? In a situation where people are showing their anger and still, he does not do so; where people are collectively insulting someone, and still he does not do so; where people get work done their way forcibly, whereas he explains how that work may be carried out. In such a person, all the qualities of a successful human being blossom. The four evils of anger, pride, illusionary attachments, greed are not his tools; thereby he maintains purity of the Self. This gives rise to 'Pratap', brilliance, whereby in his presence, people behave righteously and stop their wrong behaviour, negativity stops and positivity takes over!

When there is an outburst of anger, people believe in their own anger and justify their anger by asking how one can live in this world without anger. However, except for human beings, no other creature has anger. The birds and animals roam happily after they satisfy their hunger. Only a human being suffers more from the four evils stated above.

Even if you have angrily rebuked a servant, he will swear in his heart to take revenge on you and will not leave you. Now consider this :

A bowl is broken = your 1 loss.

You get upset = your 2 loss.

The servant swears to take revenge = your 3 Loss.

As a result of your annoyance, you will regress towards a lower life form in your next birth, the servant will not let you go and will take his revenge upon you. Don't we sometimes read in the newspaper that 'some unknown person strangled the lady of the house and robbed her'? This was a pending vengeance from her last life which resulted in this life. Therefore, you should do lots of analysis about anger and try to avoid getting angry as much as you can.