Learning through experience

I was very short tempered, getting angry with almost everyone in the family. I would always feel that I am right in every situation, viewing everything only from my point of view. But after I started watching satsang on T.V., there have been several positive changes in me. I got to know about the Soul. I learned that whatever is happening to me is a result of my own account.

I would have several quarrels with my mother-in-law and would always remain angry with her. It would really enrage me when she would scold my children. As a result, I would shout at her and it became a habit.

Learning through experience

After coming to Dada's satsang, I learned about Pratikraman (asking for forgiveness). I also came to know about the value of human life. I understood that all these are “files” and I have to settle them with equanimity.

One day, I ended up in a quarrel with my sister's mother-in-law on a small matter. But just after 15 minutes, I went to her house and asked for forgiveness by touching her feet. I experienced immense peace by doing pratikraman of my mother-in-law, my sister's mother-in-law and my husband. Even they have changed for the better. My mother-in-law even has the bhaav of coming to satsang and wishes to do darshan of the Gnani. My husband used to switch off the T.V. whenever I would watch satsang. But with the help of this satsang, I realised that all this is my own account and I can't be freed without settling them. So why should I fight with him? Shouldn't I deal with him lovingly? As a result, he would not only let me watch the Satsang on T.V. but now, he also accompanies me to satsang!

Pratikraman and satsang have changed me to the extent that whenever I become free from household chores, all I remember is Dada. My attachment and abhorrence (raag-dwesh) have dimished and life has become full of love and peace.