It was 2 months since the Aptsinchan course had begun. In the 2 months, I had enjoyed myself thoroughly. Waking up at 6 am every morning, I was fed regularly, had superb sessions on akram vignan, regular interactions with aptputras, a lot of new sadhak friends and a completely new life. I felt rejuvenated. Very fresh and very happy for the life I had chosen. This life as an akram sadhak was going to be a blast! If my 2 months were like this, I wondered how much fun and knowledge I was to gather in the anticipated 3 years of the course.

But, although every moment was fun, there was a question in my heart and it was bothering me so much, I went to our faculty aptputra and spoke my heart out... I told him..."I cannot proceed with this course. I want to leave." Aptaputra calmly asked me what was troubling me. I replied "I do not like the fact that I am here enjoying myself, spending free time just studying akram vignan. Dada Bhagwan Parivar is paying for my lodging, boarding, food and all other needs, while I'm just having a blast. It feels like I'm having a 3 year paid vacation! I cannot live like this! If Dada Bhagwan Parivar is paying for my expenses, I want to give back my services in return. I'll work as a sevarthi in Dadashri's mission. But I cannot bear this anymore!"

The Aptaputra made me sit on a chair and told me, "I completely understand you. This is khaandani (nobility) not ahankaari (Egoistic). Normally people take more money and work the minimum required. This shows their unethical culture. Whereas khaandani or noble people, cannot bear to take more than what is theirs. ‘At least make me work for the money you spend on me’, this is called khandani.

Niruma had said 'For every grain of rice I serve you, I will make you do kalyan of that many people. Dada and Niruma will definitely make us instruments in their mission of jagatkalyan. But, as per the intentions of Dada and Niruma, for now, immerse yourself in the study of Dada’s words. We, according to both their wishes, must become ready and worthy to be able to do jagatkalyan.' I listened to him in rapt attention.

“You just have to pray to Dada asking him for the strength so you may be able to finish the course according to his intended bhavna, so that you may start giving your services to Dada day and night. Ask Dadashri for the inner strength for becoming the instrument for jagatkalyan and like you Dadashri, I too want to work night and day towards this mission."

Aptasinchan Samarpan vidhi