The feeling of oneness

Dadashri never carried adverse feelings for anyone who had once touched his feet and sought blessings even if the person misbehaved later and went the wrong way. Dadashri always exhibited full compassion towards him. Dada used to say,” Since the fellow has offered his submission in faith the onus lies on me to see that he attains liberation. The wrong conduct is the result of his past karmas. Therefore, I would not allow any feeling of separation from my side ever.”

feeling of oneness

The feeling of ‘oneness’ is his strength – says Dada. That’s the reason the person may be pulled back in future even if he has gone astray or haywire for some time. Otherwise, feeling of separation will lead to his destruction permanently.

Pujya Niruma toed similar way. A person had some differences with Pujya Niruma who caused her harassment time and again. Pujya Niruma used to do pratikaman and take all sorts of adjustments to avoid feeling of separation. This went on for quite some time.

Once it so happened that Pujya Niruma thought of severing relations with that person. It was merely a thought and that person got suffering inside. Niruma found herself trembling. She instantly wondered,” How can I allow feeling of separation to arise in me?” She immediately repented and after welding the crack of ‘separation’, she joined with ‘oneness’.

After this incident she never repeated the feeling of separation for anyone throughout her life. Once having made the mistake, she instantly rectified it and never repeated the same in future.

According to Gnani [Enlightened Beings], the ‘feeling of oneness’ with a person is a bondage of love and it works as nourishment at a very subtle level. However, feeling of separation often causes distance between them and leads to downfall of the other person. The ‘feeling of oneness’ should constantly prevail.