Nishchay (Determination)

Questioner: I am doing Engineering, but when I sit to study I am unable to concentrate for long. What should I do?

Nishchay (Determination)

Pujyashri: Before we sit down to study we must pray to Dada Bhagwan- “Hey Dada Bhagwan, please give me enough strength to concentrate on my studies. Ask for this strength 5 to 10 times and then chant “Dada Bhagwan na Asim Jai Jai Kar Ho” for 10 minutes with your eyes closed while visualizing every letter. Begin your studies after this. If there is any noise or distraction, tell yourself- “Alkesh, concentrate! We have decided to study for 3 hours and we have hardly studied for 20 minutes. Be sincere!” During the course of time there may be several causes of distraction like the sound of T.V. serials, traffic noise, music etc. Once we firmly decide to get up only after studying for a preset duration, we shall derive immense strength. Even nature will help us and will bring about necessary circumstantial evidences that do not disturb our studies. In this way you can virtually finish studies in a span of 2 to 3 hours which would otherwise require 7 to 8 hours, thereby saving at least 5 hours. Once a decision has been taken it has a lot of power, so one should firmly decide everything and once decided should not waiver from that decision. Suppose you have decided to study for an hour or two, the duration may be as per your desire but once decided you should remain sincere to it. You may decide to relax for 20 minutes after studying for one hour. In that case you may do so. Relax for 20 minutes, but be sincere to that particular time duration marked for studies. This way the mind will be pleased and will stay at ease and you will get strength to study for more hours. Firmly deciding gives a lot of power and that too the positive kind. Then if a friend comes along and disturbs you and you have 40 minutes left for completion you must be firm & tell him “Not now please. Let me complete my studies.'' Don't get up midway. Instead, stick to your schedule. By doing so you will get all the necessary help from nature. Do you understand?


Aptasutra 687:

How focused we are while crossing a narrow bridge over a deep ocean! In such a situation we don't need to remind ourselves to stay focused constantly. Once decided we remain aware constantly.


Aptasutra 688:

In case we falter after taking a decision, we should try again and again. Negative thoughts such as 'I can't do it' will destroy strength of one's relative-self (Pratishthit Atma).


Aptasutra 689:

Firm determination is that which 'Once decided, lasts forever.' Then you will get necessary footing at the right time. But if one deviates, one will not gain the same. If one takes some decisions and then keeps changing them, then they will bear fruits no doubt, but over a period of time and that too in bits and pieces, not at a stretch.