Experience in iSTAR

I had so much fun. On coming here I felt at peace and most of my questions were answered.

-Priyanka Harania (Kenya)

I had so much fun. I have come here and I got peace and I have got most of my questions answered. And then the activities were pretty good. We learned to sing ‘pads’, it was pretty good. So now when we go back, we'll be singing ‘pads’ with all the mahatmas.

-Pavan Gudka (Kenya)

When I am here, I don't even feel the absence of my parents. I don't feel the absence of my family because I feel like all these girls have become like my family, these coordinators have become like family.

-Hemali Nathwani (U.K.)

It was very balanced. We had time to hang out with friends. We had time to play in the pool, to swim, to play table tennis and pool. And then we even had satsang. It makes satsang a bit more enjoyable.

-Chand Shah (Canada)

In iStar you learn a lot of different things, but I guess one of the biggest things you learn is responsibility.

-Namrata Gandhi (U.S.A.)

I like everything about it, all the activities we've done. The jatra, that was amazing. The visit to Brahmakumaris place was excellent.

-Krunal Shah (U.S.A.)

Before iStar, when we had sessions at Dallas I didn't really like all the vidhis and asim jay jay kars. I really thought they were boring. But then after I came here, I really felt at peace whenever I did them so it helped me see the value of doing vidhi.

-Soham (U.S.A.)

It’s not just about learning Dada's gnan and stuff. It's like you have fun as well when you meet new people. I think everyone should come at least once to iSTAR and experience it.

-Khusboo Makwana (U.K.)