Downfall in life due to ‘viradhana’

Downfall in Life due to ‘Viradhana’

This is my experience of the result of disrespecting one of my gurus…When I was in fourth and fifth standards, Miss Bella used to teach us English. One day, I had not done my homework so she sent me out of the classroom. This happened to me 2 to 3 times. So I started having negative thoughts about this teacher. All my friends used to insult Miss Bella and would make fun of her. I, Along with my friends, also started disrespecting her. Two years passed. During those two years, my disrespect towards this English teacher resulted terribly predicament for me.

In my 6th, 7th and 8th standards, I got very poor result in English. I would spell the same word differently every time. I used to lack confidence during English exams. During my 10th standard, I joined classes in spoken English but due to adverse circumstances I could not go to these classes for more than 5-6 days. Then I approached my senior for tutoring, but I could not understand what then taught me. Even in the 12th standard, I had the lowest grade in English. Again I had negative thoughts about English as a subject. Then I appeared for (CPT) Entrance Exams, but failed due to poor marks in English.

Due to pressure from my father and uncle, I joined the family’s business at the shop. When my father asked me to write out a check, I could do so only after turning up to two to three check due to mistakes while writing a name or the date. I could not study very well because I was weak in English. I would feel helpless when anyone talked to me in English. Once, during a shibir at Saffrony, while doing ‘samayik’ I saw incidents of disrespect (viradhna) I had towards Miss. Bella. I then realized that in every case, I was reaping the fruit of my disrespect! I repeated the samayiks and did lots of ‘pratikraman’ and the dislike towards Miss. Bella got cleared.

Consequently, now I am attempting to learn English.

Today at my shop, whenever I have to write out a check, I am able to do so easily, without a single mistake!