Physician’s Permission

An example of Laghuttam Bhaav, whether the matter was big or small, important or trivial, Niruma was equally sincere to all of them. Once while she stayed at our place she suffered from ulcers in the mouth. As we all are aware, a person who has ulcers in the mouth has difficulty eating and thus suffers a lot.

Niruma had a liking for spicy food and with ulcers in the mouth spicy food made it all the more unbearable. In order to cure her ulcers, Niruma was under the treatment of a local physician. The physician had advised some food restriction. To add to it one finds food tasteless at such times, all due to which one does not feel like eating.

Physician’s Permission

Although the treatment was not at all effective, Niruma continued with the medication while she travelled to Mumbai and stayed there for a few days. But the treatment did not help her at all and finally when all those around her objected to it, she asked them to take the physician’s permission before discontinuing the medicine.

She insisted that she would stop the medicine only if the physician permitted to do so. Others would not even bother to ask for permission and we always look for an excuse to elude the food restrictions. But Niruma went to the extent of taking permission to discontinue it.

Although the medicine did not suit her and she started growing weak under the restriction, she did not immediately give in to the others’ objection but took permission before discontinuing the medicine. Such was her Laghuttam Bhav.

Although it was clear that the medicine had not helped her, she did not override the physician’s advice but adhered to it. She never overruled any decision and always followed advice. That was one of the topmost qualities she possessed. Otherwise who else would bother to call up from Mumbai to take permission? There is also an example of her quality of oneness which is truly heartwarming.