Inauguration Ceremony of Vatsalya

This instance took place during the inauguration ceremony of Vatsalya. It being the inauguration of Niruma’s abode, many mahatmas had arrived for darshan due to which she was extremely busy.

In order to maintain discipline, mahatmas were divided in three batches and so red, yellow and white passes were distributed accordingly. As we were issued white passes, we were amongst the first batch to visit Vatsalya for darshan. My daughter, son-in-law and other relatives had also arrived for this occasion and so after darshan they paid us a visit.

Inauguration Ceremony of Vatsalya

Not finding it right to leave them unattended I decided to skip darshan. By the time they departed, we had already missed our number in queue. Also since it was inappropriate to use someone else’s pass, we stayed at home thinking Niruma has now settled down in Vatsalya so we can always visit her later on for darshan. The function had begun since early morning and at about 2.30 in the afternoon, we received a call from an Aptaputra saying Niruma had called us and wanted us to meet her immediately.

On reaching Vatsalya I saw Niruma awaiting us, still seated on the sofa where she had given darshan. Deepakbhai too was present in the room. After darshan Niruma said, “The journey which began from your home has ended here today.” On hearing these words, I felt deep reverence for Niruma. Although she had been extremely busy with a thousand mahatmas arriving from the world over, she had noticed that these two people have missed their darshan. Remembering us was in itself such a wonderful gesture.

Normaly, had it been us, we would not even have bothered to find out who had come and who couldn’t make it. Of course it would have been totally different in the case of some VIP’s. But Niruma remembered us even on such a busy occasion and this gesture had a very deep impact on me. Then she called us whilst offering us garlands, blessed us saying, “The journey which began from your home has now ended with us settling down here”.

These words left me overwhelmed with emotion. Being a diabetic she needed to have her meals on time but she gave no thought to it. Although she had been extremely busy since early morning, she gave due importance to every individual and expressed her gratitude wherever due. Her hearty interaction touched me immensely.