What is your goal? Where are you headed?

Questioner: It is very difficult to know where are we heading in today's busy and hectic life. Life is full of instability and confusion of what to do or what not to do? After setting a goal it keeps changing. Please give the appropriate guidance.


Pujyashree: A goal is something that you remember at least twenty-five times a day. If you remember it once in two-three months it is not a goal, that all is hap-hazard. Person having a goal does not forget it at all in any situation, whether it is delusion, attachment or bad thought of any kind. It pinches him that this will do me harm in my life. They foolishly imitate others and go on wrong path. Now, because they went on wrong path, they have to come back to the correct path. Had they not picked up the wrong path they would not have needed to come back on the right track. They think oh! He has two cars, I will also have two cars.” similarly, these small children foolishly imitate others and think “Oh! He has two girlfriends; I will have three girlfriends.” There is no sense in any matter not in money, not in lust, food or drink. They are just living without any goal. First of all, we must decide that what do we want in life?


Questioner: Which understanding should we use to protect ourselves from the influence of the western culture?


Pujyashree: We are developed people while having any clash with any one he will think that this will bring me an animosity with this person. He will turn around and solve the issue with some adjustment. In my daily life I should settle the 'files' of social relations. First and foremost, we should decide that there should be no fights in our house. If we think that we are cultured and religious people, there should be no quarrel at all in our home, no fights and no arguments. Such precious human life is just being wasted after money, sex and pride. All people want is that I should earn more, I should have more fame, stay busy with wife & children. Some people do not hesitate to enter in an affair! this is nonsense. This is an offence! Human life is just being wasted.


If we make any mistake, then think on it and be regretful that this should not happen.