Gift of love

This incident happened at the time when the Surat temple was being built. Dadashri who was on a ‘Satsang’ tour to the United States happened to be in a city renowned for the quality of its diamonds. Dada thought of taking some diamonds for Simandhar Swami’s crown from that place. So Dadashri asked a mahatma who was in the diamond business, to arrange for some diamonds. That mahatma sent a diamond ring. He suggested that it was not advisable to carry diamonds alone. The officials at customs may cause a trouble. So they had to bring it as a ring of diamonds, because when you wear the diamonds as a ring then it would not cause any problems.

Dadashri tried to put on the ring but It didn’t fit in any of his fingers. So he asked a couple of other ‘mahatmas’ present there to try it on but It did not fit in anyone’s fingers.

Gift of love

Then Dadashri said, “Whose finger will it fit in? Who will wear it?”, then looking at Niruma he asked again, “Niruben, try this on. Does it fit in your finger? Come, give your hand.”

Niruben offered her hand. Dada donned the ring on her finger. The ring fit her perfectly.  Dadashri said, “Niruben, it looks very nice. Let’s keep this ring for you. We will get another one made for Simandhar Swami. You keep this ring.”
Niruben said, “Dada, I can’t take anything from you? We should be giving you. How can we take anything from you?”

Dadashri said, “No, no, please take it. This ring is our blessing to you. You have served me a lot during your whole life, this is a gift of love.”
Niruma said, “Dada, now I will surely keep it as you said that it is your ‘blessing and gift of love’ to me.”
Since that day Niruma always wore the ring and never took it off till the very last moment (of her life).

What a marvelous art the Gnani’s have of crafting various ideas! Towards the end of this life in order to clear His (Karmic) account, Dadashri visited each and every one to convey his ‘Sat-Chit-Anand’ and gifted various things to make them happy.