Gnani is our strength

This incident dates back to the days when Dadashri used to organize everything. We, 50+ mahatmas went on a jatra (a pilgrimage) to Uttar Pradesh with Pujya Dadashri. We reached the village of Bareily at midnight. The road ahead of Bareily was very dangerous. The road spread across Ghats (way through mountains/valleys) in a complicated manner. That place is known as ‘Chambal Ghati’, a famous hiding place for dacoits and thieves.  When we were about to leave Bareily for onward journey, our bus was stopped by the police patrolling that area. They advised us not to travel at night as the place was full of dacoits and there was a risk to life and belongings. In fact, there was a report of dacoits having looted two passenger buses just a day earlier.  They denied us a pass despite many requests by our coordinators.

Gnani is our strength

Dadashri was sleeping inside the bus. Being stalled by the police, one of the mahatmas went inside and informed the matter to Dadashri. Dadashri came out from the bus and talked to the policeman. He informed him not to worry as we were on a religious pilgrimage and there was nothing to fear. Allow us to travel at our risk. The Policeman calmed down after talking with Dadashri. He finally decided to allow us to pass, but on condition that he would send two policemen with rifles for our protection. Dadashri promptly agreed.

All other mahatmas resting in the bus had no clue as to what was happening. Dadashri instantly clarified to them that ‘this is all vyavasthit’ ( scientific circumstantial evidence) so that mahatmas don’t panic seeing the policemen in the bus. Dadashri further elaborated, “We will pass smoothly. It may so happen that the thieves may have gone to address nature’s call when we will  pass by!”

Dadashri made a rule: Never have doubts. Doubts invite negativity and things may get spoilt. It may lead to panic as to what would happen? So Dadashri instructed “Please chant charanvidhi loudly.” Mahatmas followed the instructions and Dadashri told the driver to speed up as much as he could so that we could pass the ‘danger area’.

 The journey was completed without any difficulty.

Just look how smartly Dadashri handled the police, the mahatmas and the driver, in a tight situation involving fear and safety. He did it with ease, humor and the very uncommon ‘common sense’.