Dada's Gnan and Earthquake

On 26th January 2001, there was a massive earthquake in Kutch. I, my wife and daughter got buried under the debris and for nearly eight hours we remained there. Immediately when the building collapsed,  we were aware of Dada’s Gnan! My little daughter was under the debris but we couldn’t see her, we could only hear her voice. My wife was beside me and her leg was broken into two parts. When this sudden incident happened, we had particularly experienced that although we saw all this happening in front of our eyes, we had got buried under the debris, yet there was no ‘suffering’ within. For nearly half an hour we went on talking to our daughter. At short intervals she went on chanting ‘Dada Bhagwan na Asim Jay Jay Kar Ho’; ‘Hoon Shuddhatma Chhu’, ‘Jay satchitanand‘ and finally passed away chanting ‘Dada’ And ‘Niruma’, within half an hour!


During those moments, without effort, we remained in awareness of Dada’s Gnan and remained untouched by any suffering. During that time, one divine experience occurred, which was beyond one’s intellect. Nevertheless, from the time we were buried under the debris till the time we were rescued, there was continuous fragrance of sandalwood around us, which both my wife and I felt. In the next building a gas cylinder had burst and fire had engulfed the house, in spite of that smell  fragrance of sandalwood was much stronger. Every second we were aware of the subtle presence of Dadashri and Pujya Niruma with us. Mainly, it was Dada’s ‘science’ which was effective, otherwise such a ‘miracle’ was impossible. If one is in awareness of ‘Akram Science’ then one can survive under any circumstance, 100% without an suffering. This I have actually experienced and it is my intense wish that the happiness which I have gained, may all get the same.