The non-attachment state of a 'Gnani'

This incident that took place in Baroda on the day when Hiraba left for her heavenly abode describes the amazing 'vitragi' state of Dadashri. Dadashri was on the second floor of the house when the maid in service of Hiraba ran up from the first floor to inform Him about the passing away of Hiraba early at 5.00 am that morning. She was in tears when she informed Dadashri of the sad news but Dadashri did not panic even for a moment and calmly instructed her to proceed with the necessary rituals while He would join them after completing His regular 'vidhis' (prayers) .

It was almost after an hour and a half that Dadashri came down after having completed His 'vidhis' for Hiraba. Generally in such circumstances any one would get emotional but Dadashri maintained His poise and it seemed as if not even a 'parmanu' (atom) of His being was affected. His conduct was absolutely 'sahaj' (natural). This incidence quite distinctly highlights calm & composed state of a 'Gnani.' How absolutely 'vitrag' they are. Even the wife's demise cannot affect their internal state of remaining free & unattached entirely 'mamta rahit' and 'vitrag'.