Away from 'kusang' (bad company)

Earlier I used to stay at Vapi. As I was not in contact with any 'satsang', I was always surrounded by 'kusang' such as partying with friends, gossiping, chatting, facebook, talks, etc. I used to find happiness in all these activities. Only once a year when I used to attend 'Summer Camp' or such program I had the chance of live 'satsang'. I also got 'satsang' watching it on TV or when mother would discuss about it.

Although I was far away, whenever I made mistakes and wanted help to come out of these Kusang, I would ring up “didi” (counselor); also to seek guidance and blessings before exams; to inform her about my exam results; to ask solutions to problems. But I was not fully satisfied.

Ever since I have come to reside in this Simandhar City almost daily I am in contact with 'didis' and doing 'seva' (voluntary service). Every morning I have been attending Pujyashri's 'soneri prabhat' satsang or watching VCD satsang. It has made a big difference after I joined Y-MBA. One rule has been particularly helpful in strengthening my goal. It cautions against talking or gossiping with boys. All my earlier habits have stopped. Even at college, unless it is absolutely necessary, all my frivolous talks have stopped. Y-MBA sessions are held twice a week and I feel happy learning Gyan and playing games. By attending these meetings I have now realized my true 'goal' and understood what my efforts should be for achieving it. I have learnt many other things by being in contact with the Y-MBA girls: leadership, dealing with others, manner of talking, polite speech, etc. The bond which I was seeking earlier in my friends, I started receiving through 'didis'. I was withdrawing from kusang and turning towards satsang. While doing 'seva', I understood my strengths which earlier I doubted. On the other hand, by contacting 'didis' daily, my 'determinations' grew stronger and I realized how powerful they could become. Thus, I started putting in more effort for my goals. By participating in Y-MBA girl's picnic, there was no need for searching friends outside my present circle

Previously, I used to realise my faults very late, but now I am aware of my mistakes or what is going on inside me? I have made little progress in Gyan and admit that I too have faults like others and make mistakes.

At present I am staying at my college hostel so I am unable to attend satsangs and Y-MBA meetings regularly. But those six months which I spent at Simandhar City in the midst of Y-MBA and doing 'seva' there has made my determination strong. My first attempt will be to attend these regularly so that I may never slip back. My 'Raag' (spiritual admiration) for Pujyashri has been increasing more.

As soon as my studies will be over I shall be able to attend satsangs and do 'seva' regularly. Meanwhile, I am missing that good environment!

Finally, I am unable to put in words some very good experiences I have been feeling !

- Simandhar City Ymhtian