Key to be free from Relative Possessions

This simple yet extremely profound conversation took place after Pujya Niruma had dedicated herself in Dadashri’s ‘seva’. During those days Pujya Niruma used to wear diamond studded earrings. 

One day Dadashri asked Pujya Niruma, “Niruben, your earrings are studded with diamonds, aren’t they?”

Pujya Niruma replied, “Yes, Dada”.

Dadashri inquired, “They might be your mother’s?”  

Pujya Niruma replied, “Yes Dada”.

Dadashri further questioned, “Must be expensive? Since they are your mother’s, the diamonds must be from Johannesburg.” (Pujya Niruma’s maternal grandfather was residing in Johannesburg)

Pujya Niruma replied “Yes”.

Dada repeated once again, “then they must be very expensive?”

Pujya Niruma confirmed they indeed were very expensive.

Key to be free from Relative Possessions

Then very gently Dadashri asked Her, “Please try to see your earrings. Are you able to see them by moving your neck sideways? How do they look?”

Pujya Niruma tried to check, as suggested by Dadashri but wasn’t able to see them.

Then Dadashri asked, “What happened, can’t you see them?

Pujya Niruma replied, “No, I can’t see those earrings, Dada.”

It was then that Dadashri clarified, “That means you are wearing it only for others to see that.”

Pujya Niruma immediately realized what Dadashri’s was trying to explain and that it was absolutely true and from very that moment she gave up wearing those earrings.

How unique are the ways of a Gnani to free one from the worldly attachments? How very casually He passed on this understanding to let go off the attachment to relative possessions.