Common Sense - Everywhere Applicable

Once, Pujyashree visited Bhadran to meet the celibate brothers. They never got enough time to be with Pujyashree, so they decided to go on a picnic with him.
Therefore, many questions arose: Where shall we go? How shall we go? Someone suggested that there was an 'ashram' at Vasad village, where they could have the picnic. On the instruction from an Aptputra, one of the celibates went and brought details of that 'ashram' and also said that good arrangements could be made there for Pujyashree's stay.

How many rooms were there? How many persons per room allowed? What was the tariff per room? Was there any chemist nearby? Was there a hospital nearby? If they wanted bottled water, would it be available? Was there any problem of mosquitoes? Was AC room available for Pujyashree? What were the charges for meals? Would they serve extra sweets? If so, what were the charges?

Thus were some of the 28 questions the Aptputra put to the celibate, who was dumbfounded and remained there gaping and wide eyed at the Aptputra. Thereafter, the Aptputra explained that it was only common sense to ask these questions, and so he told the celibate brother a story that explained common sense to the celibate.

Once king Akbar's Wife requested him to make her brother the minister. When Akbar sent for his brother-in-law, a caravan was passing by and kicking up lots of dust behind them. On seeing this, Akbar sent  his brother-in-law to find out whose caravan was passing and what was happening. After a while he returned and informed that it was a caravan transporting rice. Akbar further asked, who were those people, where were they from, and where were they going. The brother-in-law again went out to inquire and returned saying that they were coming from Afghanistan and travelling further. Again, Akbar sends him to find out the price of rice from them. He does so and informs Akbar. Again, Akbar sends him to find out what would be the final selling price? Thus, he goes back and forth, 3-4 times.


Akbar Birbal

Just then, Birbal happens to come there. Akbar sends him to find out details of the passing caravan, which Birbal immediately does. Soon after, he returns and informs Akbar that it is a caravan coming from Afghanistan and travelling ahead. He further informs that they are trading in rice of good quality at a reasonable price, which could be purchased for their Royal Granary and stored there.

On hearing this, Akbar asks his wife, “Now do you understand as to why I did not make your brother the minister? I had sent him for this one task which he could not complete even after he spoke to them 4 times. When I handed the same task to Birbal, he made all necessary inquiries as well as completed the deal in one visit.